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Thackray Medical Museum

Chosen to support interpretive design for an HLF application, Leach worked with the client team to audit the current provision in the museum and the collection of objects to establish a future which would meet the needs of visiting school groups, families and other audiences. The work identified an overall vision for the future of the museum which tied in closely to architectural plans, events and activities.

Consideration was given to making displays more accessible for a broader, family audience, through tone of voice, layered interpretation and making the interpretation relevant to modern audiences through exploring contemporary healthcare issues. Themes and stories supported by key artefacts populated a story map to identify how the interpretation would be paced throughout the galleries and where it could integrate with existing displays. The exhibition design heavily engaged with opportunities identified in the audience research findings and activity planning. Our work supported the museum to successfully secure major funding from HLF, the Wellcome Trust and ACE.

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