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An insight into working with our team - every project is unique and exciting, here is a snapshot of life at Leach Studio...

Meet Viktor, you'll be able to meet his scaled-up brother at the Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition!

Sketching away in the studio...

Co-production design workshops

Choosing colours for a graphic colour palette

Site surveys on sunny days!

Derby Silk Mill

An afternoon of artistic playfulness and creative energy

Exciting new exhibition at The Pen Museum in Birmingham!

Prototype interactive map with iconic buildings to come!

Listening to volunteers’ stories!

Measuring artefacts for display

Practicing Human Centred Design at Derby Silk Mill Symposium

Testing our calligraphy skills for Birmingham Pen Museum

Sleeping Shabti at Bolton Museum

All ready for the launch of the Eternal Egypt project

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our business...

Filming @HadriansWall

Exploring artefacts at Thackray Medical Museum

Looking at artefacts to inspire graphic design

Ready to go for our Art of Artefacts workshop!

Getting all interactive in the studio!

Prototyping complex interactives

Choosing artefacts with curators at Derby Silk Mill

Co-production @MuseumNext

Sketch of our workshop at Derby Silk Mill by Sally Jane Thompson